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HD09/HD09-S Smart Inverter (HD09/HD9-S)

HD09 is a newly developed low power general purpose inverter.
Based on the development of HD09, HD09-S adopts low power general inverter with high performance.

1 phase 200 - 240V……0.25 - 0.4kW
3 phase 380 - 460V……0.4 - 5.5kW

Industrial Application: Fan & pump, Garage door, shutter door, Small lift machinery, Mixer, dough mixer, juicer, Centrifuge, grinder, Agricultural machinery, Fitness equipment, Circular loom

HD20 Multi-function Inverter (HD20)

HD20 inverters are multi-function low power products for OEM users, which can meet the miniaturization and high-reliability applications.

1 phase 200 - 240V……0.25 - 0.4kW
1&3 phase 200 - 240V……0.75 - 2.2kW
3 phase 380 - 460V……0.4 - 5.5kW

Dimensions: Wire drawing industry, Printing and Packaging, Small machine, Metal Engraving Machinery & Marking Machine, Rotary cutting, Circular loom

HD30 Vector Control Inverter (HD30)

HD30 is vector control inverter for general industry-oriented applications with high performance and high reliability.

1&3 plase 200 - 240V……0.4 - 15kW
3 plase 200 - 240V……18.5 - 75kW
3 plase 380 - 460V……0.75 - 450kW

Dimensions: Wire drawing industry, Crane, Printing and Packaging, papermaking, High-end CNC machine, textile

HD50 High-peformance Vector Control AC Drive (HD50)

HD50 are high-performance vector control AC drive which meet the requirements of crane machinery, printing machinery, high-end machine tool in many fields such as various kinds of complex high precision drive, and provide comprehensive solutions for the equipment manufacturing industry.

3 plase 380 - 460V……0.75 - 400kW
3 plase 500 - 690V……18.5 - 400kW

HD3N High-peformance Smart Inverter (HD3N)

3 plase 380 - 460V……7.5 - 18kW

HD31 Water and Wastewater Inverter (HD31)

Based on the development of HD31 series vector control inverter, HD31 dedicate to the Water and Wastewater application.

3 phase 380 - 460V……5.5 - 132kW

Dimensions: municipal water supply, wastewater treatment, Agricultural irrigation, Others

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