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Design our strategy, share our future - 7th anniversary celebration of HPMONT
Date:2018-4-20   View:418

 On April 18, 2018, HPMONT held the 7th anniversary celebration in theme of “Design our strategy, Share our future” in Shenzhen Kylin Villa. The representatives of global partners and some employees attended this grand event.


Inthis event, HPMONT reviews history, analyzes the current situation and plans the future together with representatives of global partners, and jointly explore new motivation for sustainable cooperation and development in the future.


HPMONT conducts a review of business and markets in the seven years since its establishment, sharing the investment management and technical target in HPMONT's future, analizing market development trends and strategies based on the changeable market.


Under the background of “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, HPMONT discusses the opportunities, challenges, situations and strategies in intellectual manufacturing.

Basing on “The Beld and Road” cooperation initiative, HPMONT analyzes global elevator fields, provides smart elevator system solution and increase the ablibities for intellectual carrier business.

Ttargeting supply cooperation business under domestic environmental protection policies and foreign political environment and focusing on customer satisfaction to carry out new supply partnership building.


HPMONT (South Korea) Co., Ltd. and HPMONT (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. introduced their history, company operating performance, and market development strategies.


Prof. Deliang Liang, deputy dean of Electrical Engineering Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University, delivered a speech as a representative of the HPMONT School-enterprise Cooperative. He talked about the in-depth cooperation between Xi'an Jiaotong University and HPMONT in the fields of production, education, and scientific research, and jointly cultivated masters and doctorals. jointly build open and innovative laboratory for motor control, jointly undertake industrial researching, jointly undertake and participate in national integration of production and education.


The representatives of HPMONT's international customers, domestic customers, and supply partners respectively delivered brilliant speeches for the mutual understanding, both-win cooperation, experiences and impressive stories.


HPMONT appreciates partners grow along with HPMONT and their attendance.Finally, HPMONT issued appreciation certificates to partners.


After the celebration, HPMONT held a banquet.


The partners and guests who participated in the celebration ceremony were invited to visit workshop and company showroom in headquarter.


The 7th Anniversary Celebration is the watershed of the company's efforts in the past seven years. It is also the signal of the company's new journey in the next seven years. HPMONT will work with partners to create new productivity through cooperation and take innovation to lead the future.