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Stability overrides Everything - Hpmont Development in Chemical Fiber Industry
Date:2016-7-16   View:2300


We have applied our inverter to chemical fiber industry in Cixi, Ningbo ever since 2013. This industry is quite special, and it requires reliable equipment such as inverter. If the inverter breaks down, it will result in huge production loss;


Hpmont products went through several phases when entering this industry. Starting from draught fan, drum, package, diffuser, screw and drafting, our product have replaced the monopolistic Japanese brand step by step. After trying our product, end customers appraised that our inverter performs excellent;


With outstanding performance and technology, we win various faithful users in this industry, including the leading Dafa chemical fiber. Our products are also applied to transform program as well as new programs. Meanwhile, with co-work with the local system integrator, we make an optimal substation control system; we developed drum direct stop technology, electrical synchronous drafting technology, screw constant control technology, accurate weighing system and relative semi-automatic/full automatic control technology; we also make great effort to increase craftsmanship and reduce production cost;


Currently we have applied our products in 8 new production lines, and applied 300 pcs of inverters to transformer market per year; we also provide our products to Japanese factories. With the concept of “Intellectual products Impressed customers”, we will continue to co-cork with our business partners to  and make a contribution to our nation’s development.