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Hpmont Achieved 4 More Patents
Date:2016-6-24   View:2380


Elevator control method and system [Invention] ZL 2014 1 0331249.0

This patent is an elevator control method. It makes sure that car door is closed if any UCM (unintended car movement) occurs. Passengers cannot get out of car during UCM occasion, thus can avoid injury to them due to door closing. This patent also publicizes an elevator control system.


Elevator control method and system [Invention] ZL 2015 1 0115430.2

This patent is an elevator control method. Based on the sun of Dec. distance S and last time stored floor height deviation of present dec distance, it decides after constant speed, lag will last for some time before entering deceleration phase. This method can effectively reduce the floor height affect. It increases accuracy of elevator position, and leveling, and dramatically decreases climbing elevator and plunging.


Control method and system for villa elevator [Invention] ZL 2015 1 0128165.1

The villa elevator may Emergency stop at non-leveling zone. In this case, this invention can calculate the optimal running speed according to current position and present objective floor. So the elevator can run with high efficiency.


Door control method and system based on position checking [Invention] ZL 2015 1 0209719.0

By adding one user-defined-function switch to door machine, this patent ensures accurate position of door machine.